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Forbidden City Tour

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PostPosted: Fri 6:42, 18 Mar 2011    Post subject: Forbidden City Tour


Unlike this lane narrow contiguous Wenchang for straight, and there are several twists and turns. Middle lane northbound, there namely a north-south avenues, alleys joined with the Wenchang, folk phone it "across alley." Mandarin alley has several high-door mansion, merely the pattern is not distinctive in Beijing metropolis. I lived in 19 families that children for well as its subsequent changes occur, but it is rare as. Mandarin alley 19, the courtyard is not, Big House, yet a non-small garden. Main entrance of the northbound alley facing south by the Mandarin, the behind wall of the courtyard in the alley course south of Wenchang. Double open courtyard is small, there are two brick lintel ashore the characters: "spoon Park."
Into the door, there is little wall exhibiting screen wall-style, nigh the screen wall, at first peep, is completely a garden. The south side of the courtyard is a row house north of the south, eastern, west sides there are apartments, all families in the fifties of last centenary. The navel of he courtyard is the outer verandah of the few very beauteous Hua Ting. Hua Ting south there is a flower bed, bloom beds, surrounded along a cheap wall for people to take amuse rates, the navel altar bloom garden, peony in full flower; hospital in the east, there is a covered with trees and flowers on both sides of the winding paths, via the courtyard of the north and south, during which there is a quite chic, small pavilion; yard distant north, was originally a row of glass doors and skylights of the large greenhouse, the fifties and sixties of last century, people here lived thirty-four; the northwest edge, there is not long along the "corridor "" gallery "in front of a small stone arc bridge built.
Western foot of the yard, there is a "garden of the Garden" - a very small small courtyard, cottage hospital two very uncomplicated, simple, prefer, "savage", the original ought be the gardener's dwelling and store tools, portions, later lived people. The large courtyard, there are numerous stone paved lane of clanking drums partition, insert into a grit road with a diversity of patterns. The yard full of grass, flowers and assorted fruit trees, spring season, actually, "Colorful," the U.S. can not be made! Courtyard home to ten families, antique Peking Man, there are outsiders, we live in harmony, dearly. Especially kid, from teenagers to five-year-old lofty school students the kid, are in the large garden enjoy playing a diversity of melodrama, it is laborious to do the upon. Yang Nanxiaojie door, is 1 of Beijing's oldest neighborhoods, Southern and Northern Dynasties, the Southern from Beijing station, north to the alley north exit. Gathered in this street too many affairs, but too in the past imperial food, clothes, live in warehouses, to mention the most, alternatively grain stores, I know there is food and bought 3, in addition, pill store, tailor shops,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], barber Hall, butcher shop, there are a few tens of meters across.
That annual, forward Beijing East Road, go north station, south street almost all gates down. Street bike way is not narrow, merely two automobiles in collateral, heels apt the store, out of this house into the house, the street people will not stream. Beginning premier huge stationery shop, previously known as Yu Yuan periodical shop, called For the source afterward the stationery cache, specializing in selling paper and the kids learn to use paper and pencil and the favor. The total linen next to the East Industrial and Commercial Bank, opposite the source of vegetarian snacks Cheung Shop,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then push home 4 friends are pharmacies, peddler cattle and sheep Hui, Ding's oil, salt stores, and pharmacies Renshou Church, the original Japanese bath house and silver into the beautician mart and so on. My family originally Daoxiang storehouse, so there basement. Bureau of child infantry cross the originally, is stationed themselves in the location, and later became a comic shop. South Yuankui my beautician, after printing became Club, next to the richest, open bank Li.
Paul Yonekura alley in the Ming and Qing dynasties subsidy meters cache Beijing officials, the Qing Dynasty pearly flag is set. North side of East Side alley Zhihua Temple was built in the orthodox 9 years. Zhihua Temple is Temple, after a rigorous exercising so that Zhihua Temple priest amusement melody can be spread to more fully today. Paul Yonekura West Side alley across the surface is dry, is said to Paul in this alley is the only way to Yonekura boated meters, voyaging the dusty hike, is called the people beneath the dry surface, thus the name. At that time the location of my home in the dry surface of the alley among the alley and historians. There is a road opposite outlook, called the true concept of improvement,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and later a mentor surnamed people live. Father was formerly manager of the palace when the regal medic, the Father of the re-grandson, said suspension cable is really analyze the difficulties of that year Father: to house a physician, not straight adjoin with woman patients with a thread tied to the pulse, caught on the outdoor of the royal doctor one will be competent to prescribe along to the pulse.
True Vision Concept north, there is a bar room, family room, open bar, surnamed Li, the offsprings of this family is also named Li and I were classmates. Lin Tai clothing store opposite, and then north to West Heling Church pharmacies, diagonally opposite is the ancestral orthopedic clinics LIU Bing dry and three large grocery store - two stores, five stores, Haifeng grocery store, but also belong to the state after the liberation The. Street most northern wharf, is an old and famous meat pie doornail. My family moved to South street to the time of liberation, the above basically have these transactions, notwithstanding some shops have not a mutual venture by the companies or individuals. Since children can remember, I know thatthere are 5 secondary schools contiguous, a opener middle two, the circular, the Foreign Ministry Middle School, eighty-fifth, Seventy-in. Almost each alley has a basic school.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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