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beijing personal excursion guide

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PostPosted: Fri 7:47, 18 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing personal excursion guide


Lifetime and secondary teaching results to be published that daytime, all the students ranked in the classroom door, took an into the hands CHAPTER teacher fed to the admission notice, to adopt the blessings of earnest teachers. Chapter, then the pedagogue said to me still ring in my ears: "Congratulations acknowledged to the first alternative. To the school, starting from scratch it!" Notifications are sent over, the part the teacher let us get back on their seats, everyone opened last class appointment.
Fashion is all a wheel of many years, women's cheongsam, men bosomed robe ... ... So, never afraid of everything out of date, not being the first put up, maybe, your children and grandchildren grow up to put out fair to re-fit . Of course, reincarnation is not just fashion. "Low-carbon life" that people constantly take the most recent, in fact think about it, now human have children have the Sun, a few decades antecedent had not been low-carbon life, but naught more had not the word. Cycling out, with Taomi Shui gardening, buy with a bowl of sesame paste, vinegar,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], soy sauce was carrying a decanter ... ... and we helpless, to be "low carbon" - a bare livelihood for us to nourish the nice tradition of plain living. Today, we are helpless, we have to "cheap carbon", because of environmental degradation, we must reflect on their deeds, is not in the path of life should also pay tribute to the elapse, re-learning the quondam ... ...
A juvenile companion recently back from his junket, purchase the kid called "Bamboo Dragonfly" doll, and incited to demonstrate to us. The so-called "bamboo dragonfly" is actually a fan-shaped bamboo megalopolis kick a aperture, and then plug in a bamboo stick, playing with both hands when rubbing bamboo sticks, bamboo will be below the rotary power fired into the climate. This is a uncomplicated play, there is a "bamboo dragonfly" is along the ligature pulling the transportation, the bamboo shoot out. And two "bamboo dragonfly" When I was younger are to generate their own. Although it is a painful companions, yet they let the kid create their own hands to have a elated childhood, and make their own toys, not merely can make full use of resources, with the immediately fashionable words, is "low-carbon surroundings." Living in the lane, the growth in the sixties and seventies of final century, the Peking Man, a large kind of toys have to produce their own experience.
Life is not rich in that era, for most families,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], buying toys for children is a very elegance thing, so handy for parents or children, they will do it yourself toys, such for girls like to play "from home home ", or Tiaopi Jin, drag bags, shuttlecock hitting, darting Shui and so on, are playing toys, sand bags, plume shuttlecock, sheep Shui and so on, nearly all of their own or with the help of parents is made. Boys like material even more, and is ranked first in the gun. I remember in grade school, to make your own wooden pistol is not longer interested, then the child is between the rise of gun combats with the slingshot game. Spring guns are made with thick wire bending, this is a nice chap. I have penetrated beautifully produced a revolver-style catapult gun, Mauser-style, gun-style, are leather bar as a launching power, there is the trigger, clip, and even some of them can play bursts; of course, are the paper bullet folded, but was impair on the play in the meat, and a certain degree of hazard of injury, so the educate and parents are not in favor of the children to play this game.
At namely time, imitating the movies, but also a excellent amusement kids, and some even turned into a film plot a mainstream game. I memorize the sixties of last century, has loosened a movie called "Flying China", the results of numerous children play with home-made imitation of the hero's "Flying." This hazardous game soon attracted the consideration of authorities, behind "Flying Chinese" were banned, the children of the "Flying" Schools and parents have also been confiscated. War film "mine warfare" and it was also renowned within children adore, but also became the tantrum in the children's game. That season, mocking the movie Devil army arranged mines and mine, our gang of kids in the most popular game. The premier rule of the game to be "mine", of lesson, our "mine" is not made of gunpowder, but by stooping a wire in the palm of your hand holding the carton, and then in the medium set of a wire frame rubber band, plug in a small wood will twist the rubber band tight, then secure the small wooden pieces,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the tiny mouse fashioned like a folder.
When playing these so-called "land mines" buried in the topsoil, the babies playing demons hand made of sticks or cable "detectors" in the minefield reconnaissance, exploration apt convert the monsters of the spoils of combat; no Exploration to the Devils been trod ashore, at a time the heels of a "bomb" will reveal the dust with lax rubber band, even if the Devils were annihilated. Mimic "bomb war" in the graph, and some children were "development" out of the "hair Silei" and "drag mine", namely truly quite interesting!

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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