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beijing layover tour

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PostPosted: Fri 5:15, 18 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing layover tour


Perhaps the really young and I do not know real depression, although the constraints are immediately thought of a child life, but did not give us many of a psychological shadow of unresolved affective problems, but those that made toys of enjoyment, while we recollection all childhood and strewing sun, color, heartiness and pride. From my birth to now has been living in Chaoyang District, seeing at her rapid alteration, and I grew up, married, have children, live happily. Can be narrated as earth-shaking changes in sun, everywhere. Sometimes walking down the avenue, see things, see King, even some action, absence to memorize her aboriginal advent, but mostly dismal, but it does not elect behind some memories. Those streets, mart early, Five Seven hairdresser shop ... ... for time works by in the mist in the memory.
Close to home from the park aboard the altar, walking 3 minutes. After a upkeep of the park, a great deal. It can be seen from the changes to the evident changes in Chaoyang District. Our kin moved here in 1976, when the door is still open Ritan Park, only several archaic architectures and old trees towering trees. No stamps, Fangliao Xue, several small partners plays a game of "attacking the hills." Winter, we were wearing cotton-padded raiment, I wear a hat father sticking element published, the aggressive began, "taint of the Cameroon" whistling in the ear ... ... The park was quite frosty picture, remember that in the present "tip" at the foot of the table tennis chart with a brick, while the land is flat, the other side there is a pit, rain water, need to want to play down a few bricks, and the thighs can not move, alternatively so people queuing each day. Night,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], looking for woods vegetation in the sweetheart, the adventure of our time, it is particularly lovers know the courage of the largest, where black and where. But in common we can not escape these "little devils child" in the eyes, each day count, and sometimes agree in some mischief.
One daytime, a placard posted at the altar Park Tickets 3. Manned the door of the. This is our bold group of children, no merely not difficult, and have really added a "Dawn of the difficulties" fun. First over the walls and look not one approximately,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], jumped jumped out, for our youth, wall elevation is not short, really need some bravery. Do not know who was after base in a park not I'll say. Simon by the wall of the north there namely a cavity drilled in the quondam can be a person, we always talk nice not to tell anybody, yet soon the hole many larger, and finally by the park treatment found namely make up the. In fact, over the wall and "drill hole", notwithstanding most of nobody, can too have individual "obtain the blues metropolis", to collar the education staff's repast.
Chinese Classical Literature "Dream of Red Mansions" back 52 "pretty flat cover shrimp children adore to be bracelets, Yong Jin Qiu Qing Wen disease make bird" wrote: The next day, Wang Taiyi counsel to Qingwen again, dissimilar adding and subtraction soup agency. Although dwindled the flame is still a headache. Sheyue jewel then ordered: "take snuff, and give her some smelling, hammering several sneezing, awakened to pass the customs." Sheyue Twill really pick a Phyllostachys a flat glass box of Venus, the allocation and jewel . Box flare turned gem was solved, there are western yellow enamel naked fat woman, Liang Lei flesh have wings, just inside the container of some real Wang Yang smoke. Qingwen Zhigu children look at the paintings, jade said: "Oh extra, go to the bad wind." Qing Wen listened a bit engaged to pick with nails into the nasal olfactory, but not how. Oh right afresh into the lot to pick some. Vision is sometimes one peppery and acid neb, through into the soft smudges to play 5 or 6 consecutive sneezing, tears, runny nose, in a hurry homogeneous flow. Qingwen engaged closing the carton, smiled and said: "the not, good spicy, fast to take the paper!" Long pate, handing me a pile of sub-Xiaoya nice paper, one by one they brought Qingwen beating your nose. Gem laugh asked: "How?" Qing Wen laughed: "If some feel merry, but the temple aches." This is a elaborate portrayal of the gem to snuff a cold Qingwen the scene, indicating that the gem's ideas Qingwen in the uncommon position,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], also shows that snuff has entered the lives of tall society at that time. So what is a snuff? As a luxury in the history of Beijing then?
Snus is a special variety of tobacco products. The wealthy smell of oil and a good high drying tobacco, and into some of the herbs, sweetener, spices, floor into a powder, packaged in sealed containers such as Lawan even in the few years of aging from a few decades later. Smoke, dip your fingers smoke end to the nose and gently inhale. Snuff a black, Huang, yellow and other colors, smell the smell of mellow, spicy, with eyesight, activating, the provision of vaccine, the effect of blood. According to modern pharmacological research, snuff can really slay a variety of viruses, of special note nasal virus. Because of its adverse than cigarettes, effortless to use, and has medicinal amount, was the Qing tribunal, as a senior lawful to enjoy Zhen Wu, regarded as a hospitality treasures.
According to "Beijing Zhi tobacco commerce" records: the Ming Dynasty over the years, the Italian Matteo Ricci came to China to snuff tribute to the royal court, since, snuff was introduced to China. Snuff was introduced to China early, mostly Germany, Spain, France and Thai-made system, in which the digit of German merchant brought in more. Snuff a great variety of cost disparity, among the high and cheap, in array to think the sea, the difference of as much as several hundred dollars or even thousands of dollars. At that time, the court in a fashionable saying, "easy to get gold, noble snuff is hard to ascertain," the general population have only heard his appoint but not its attribute.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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