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excellent walls tour

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PostPosted: Mon 7:19, 21 Mar 2011    Post subject: excellent walls tour


The northern end of South Long Street Primary School there is still much for us to point on the playground for physical education, I still clearly remember the playground with a fence on the northwardly wall on the head of, without it's conservation, we do not know how many beloved little bring offthe walls and over the ball and do disburse the east, for the north wall of our school there is a river, a river only two meters wide, a pool of clear water gurgling cheerfully into the outflow from the Zhongnanhai this river, which from west A wooden bridge across the East of a stone bridge,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], into the Western Wall, Zhongshan Park, eastern away. Summer fishing for small fish we caught tadpoles in this sense to catch dragonflies in winter, the ice truck when we frolic nag fight, if only an empty navel, all melody is not homesick.
Shui Yebie look down above this happy infancy with us through the river, it really has in Beijing, the first, and has a fascinating, full of magical names, it is flowing from the mountains northwest of Beijing Yuquan Kunming Lake, Zizhuyuan, Jishuitan, Shichahai, Beihai, Zhongnanhai in Beijing Yuquan notable river in the River Weaver, and Weaver Tower Bridge it. Half a century afterward, I vaguely memorize a lot of memories are still learned. In my age classmates in a relatively small, but it did not affect my aptitude to Amoy trouble. Speaking tiny mortified, for early as junior (fifth grade or less) stage, I was educated my teacher all letters as "a commotion." Was not understood by one emphasis, "Old Master" speaking class, we will be ready in a small Shugun class, the teacher cornered our backs on the blackboard prose on the blackboard to jot very beautiful, I buffet the way to raise wild tables, the teacher cornered to put Shugun away, the sound stopped short, reiterated several times, the results came Air teacher, I have been suspended, amuse parents.
I am the sibling of a long two years in North Long Street Primary School is conspicuous students, fifth-grade school that was selected skipper of Young Pioneers, the bright red scarf flying proudly in his breast, left arm dress the captain of the "three Road bar "sign at this time more show brilliant, how can parents do not know the whole prolific, the same parents, grew up below the same roof two children, the next time saying:" the breach between a student, then a huge noisy rumpus,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! "as I adopt this liability given to the physical grief the parents. About the second semester of my junior annual, our chancellor finally solved my problem, conspired with the parents several times, resolved, or to "appeasement appeasement" of the policy, once and for all, just a less than year-old child, or prefer adaptability Well, time to shake continuously over the more I feel how wise it! The principal teacher I continue to enlighten them with cause, and emotionally moving, and even the Commission of the term, but also to really put me to the "amnesty" was. Should not have silly, then the time and exertion scouring city center points a little to learn, completion will naturally have a bound into the team after the first captain when small, ahead graduation gall "whole" of a "good student."
Long Street Primary School in the South was in fourth grade that Children's Day, 1956 six-one, so I still can not forget. Time is at a turning point in all aspects of my appreciation, the school "overkill" to elect to get-together with foreign children, the school only a few of the few areas, but was I Bushitaiju give relinquished. Some say Coke, at school, several boys and girls sharing the selection of this mission, traditionally female majority, as a few of the boys school was selected so humbled Yeah, but I can not accept is the only nominee have to learn to dance, in truth, that is not ballroom dance as folk often jump, but May Day,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], November Tiananmen Square at night hand in hand we dance the dance of friendship, but I was nativity do not like to dance, the teacher repeatedly mobilized to do the work, but I "a brawn" to back, the result is a normal nominee for boys eagerly looking ahead to replace heat.
That evening, I saw the men and women dressed in beautiful uniforms the students led by teachers, happily out of school, and my heart there is a sour sense of unspeakable bitterness. Food is not sweet savor to put on uniforms dinner noiselessly knotted a red scarf, I'm family alone, southbound, among walking distance to the south gate of Zhongshan Park, watched an afterward distinct group of each school admission, I am still the south gate of Zhongshan Park and the Golden Water Bridge roaming alone among, like into nowhere, disinclined to go home in the heart, especially the park's chromatic flags fluttering in the breeze, the colorful lights and explosions of percussion sound, and full of merry laughter of kid overseas persist to impact provocation my audio-visual nerves, the end of the starting of June the climate in Beijing is not how hot, but I have worried sweat sweating bring an end to ...his face.
Hey! The child, how tin you no obtain it?" I had such a pass behind the sudden answering, I looked back, the sound namely from a parked car windows in the publish, and it was a very beauteous Black "Regis" mark cars, when we entire know this namely Soviet-made limousine, only the leading cadres by the central level are fit apt ride. Asked if I was a young driver elderly approximately 3, he said, and opened the gate, then waded over towards me, I felt a shock to inspiration Burlington, obediently hiked over to give him a "true lie ":" late. "This is only three words, it follows namely I do no understand what to mention lie, and hide my face sweat occasioned along lies heated redden, actually like the weapon of a small rabbit heart brutal surmise more than jump. "Come with me!" That agreeable driver is likewise easy words, I had jump out at rapture, Pidianpidian walked with him to the park door, just a minute alternatively two of work, I did no learn to dancing into the celebration also amusement park.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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