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Beijing China Tours

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PostPosted: Mon 6:19, 21 Mar 2011    Post subject: Beijing China Tours


Grey small building with only two on the second ground room to setup a Japanese creation tread auto telephone switches. At the time, "Imperial basis telephone bureau," was named "North Bureau", as office number is "4", also known as "4 Council." After the campaign, "Imperial root telephone bureau" by the National Government to take over, due to new location is mercurial and the economic depression, tel amplified very slowly. After the founding of New China, Beijing Telecom to scale up construction of the evolution of a unified telephone bureau in Beijing said on behalf of the Council use number names, so "the North Authority" was renamed "donghuang Cheng Gen telephone office" - the telephone office, witnessed more than a half Beijing Telecom Development centuries of ups and downs. Then live donghuang Cheng Gen like to go near the Royal River Liu Waner, a child and the junior partner is also preference to Yuhe. Royal bank on either sides of the summer full of reeds and grass, we staff a self-made cotton net, catch dragonflies, catching grasshoppers, chasing each additional to scamper. Tired, lying on green grass on the grass, watching the sky, innocent and childish to talk approximately the ideals and the hereafter.
Urban renewal in 1955, Imperial River by the Minghe into underground drain, childhood memories of the park has become a far past, but our childhood playing happily in the river scenes that is still often rose before his eyes. Winter cold, near nightfall, the sun like a sallow spot, the air thumping off go to hurry home to grab human. After evening, donghuang Cheng Gen faint street lamp light, cold wind blowing poles "creak, creak" to sounds, wire published a "swishing" sound, they form a winter symphony . "Who buys half-empty? Mid-air give hey!" Dark night, the whole street is very quiet, but this has become particularly noisy cries. Someone to listen to cries holding a bowl out: "You give 500 dollars Sheng" (old money, the current money attach 5 pence). Hawker children from the sack to open a small wharf on the catch from the inside to give you two; "carrot wide pear, the peppery tube for!" In the winter night, donghuang Cheng Gen Street, listened cries of various vendors, to the quiet street send faction vexed. Hawker hand shoved his automobile, point a foul carbide lamp, the water Luobu Pi cut out the flowers, hack out long strips, placed inside glass when the samples. Beijing winter, dry and cozy to obtain offended, so every household children like to dine Peel the radish ruddy flesh; "selling massive compartment kettle yo!" Old Peking Man was always live bungalow, room no lavatory, cold winter, some families accustomed to the night compartment kettle, so pick a burden into the city suburb of planters selling.
When the long night voicelessly in the quondam, the dawn rises in the east, it ushered in rising on the horizon and the sun shining. At this point, the lyric peal fortress in the flock from the streets of Beijing, a mighty rhythmic accompaniment of drums by the bell, "Douzhi babies, porridge oh!" "Almond babies, tea yo,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!" Cries ... ... day afterward day, year after year, reverberated in the antique metropolis of Beijing. Our family in 1958 shook from donghuang Cheng Gen Street, though this is not live very long, but this had a special consciousness of the street. Golden years, and immediately I have elderly, enjoying their later years, but often Huitang donghuang Cheng Gen Street look. Although the location of my infancy is now worked, but the childhood memories of donghuang Cheng Gen Street,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is never gone - immediately, donghuang Cheng Gen Street changed dramatically, there has transform a assembly agencies, business, scientific research and tourism for 1 of the comprehensive modernization of the street. Donghuang Cheng Gen Avenue North exit is Tiananmen Square apt East Avenue, south of the intersection is the dawn Street, from the bustling Wangfujing Street and the Palace are close along. Middle of the street near the west side of the birthplace of the outstanding May Fourth Movement, the northern Red Beach, east of the chief near Art Museum of China, one of the top ten buildings. Because of special geographical location, so he donghuang Cheng Gen Street, nearly not one I do not understand, known to everybody.
Speaking donghuang Cheng Gen Street, separated by a walls tin not but advert Yuhe. Yongle Emperor Zhu Di built capital in the capital Beijing, the east wall of the Imperial River west of the Imperial City. Xuande 7 years, moved to East Imperial east wall. Republic of China, Eastern Imperial City walls cleared, the civil population to the side walls built in the chamber, the walls of the left post as the house gable and walls, fashioning the initial donghuang Cheng Gen Street. Our family is moving to the early fifties of final centenary donghuang Cheng Gen Street, while the old number panel is a 25. This area was very silence, not numerous pedestrians on the street, early morning, "beating" the Tuo Lingsheng broke the quiet of the street. Camels carrying goods through donghuang Cheng Gen Street, began a day trafficking. In the nightfall, marching sundown camel crews, but also accompanied by Tuo Lingsheng far away from the street. The emulating hours, the noise of the kid will destroy the quiet street.
In 1953, this street through the 8-bus, and since the end of the Guangqumen Liupukang, full fare edge of the third money. Car is imported from the Czech "Skoda", we have donghuang Cheng Gen station house, this is the only bus near the site. Donghuang Cheng Gen Street's old houses are mostly age mansions, there are several or brick and gray tiles, sculptured beams,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], garden-style courtyard houses are concentrated in the east side of the street, which are a wealthy home living, the door each daytime closed, completely isolated from the hospital hall, there are unattached loosened homes of ordinary families, but more is a few families live in the yard of miscellaneous hospital.
Some houses likewise have a diplomatic style of classic building, green and gray tiles, top of the mound Douqi. The most typical Western-style creating in the Avenue Road, North East, namely the only establishing in this avenue - French university, was founded in 1920, the predecessor union fired in France Cai Jian Society, namely the seat 3 Western-style creating.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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