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beijing peregrination service

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PostPosted: Mon 5:45, 21 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing peregrination service


Looking at the behind of their happiness, the first time I ever felt the thrill of a gentleman necessitate. All this is in front of the cinema in the capital a few levels are not high on the steps of achievement. Completed the mentality of such a complicated and colorful assisting others, I felt grown up. Now, behind Joy City, I constantly calculate, when that young couple if they had a baby, immediately 20 years old kid must. If this child to academy in Beijing, and his lover's capital in more modern films, if Beijing will meet a child favor me, with his parents as good experience? Maybe they Joy City this upgrade version of the cinema experience better, more fables, more phantasmal it.
In short, for the first period work to the cinema, I have not discerned the movie, but I'm not apologetic. "Rabbit Zhengchun Pro Spirit people happy New Year onward," the Eleventh Beijing temple pool to tap traditional folk through unique skills, characteristics of the folk New Year, colored snacks, authentic folk show, folk culture of modern culture and the full integration, so that the common public during the Spring Festival to entirely experience the savor of the folk in a carnival, the celebration into a pond with a solitary mores card. Six, five were praying for the God of Wealth in the active region was established within the five-dimensional culture show Fortuna wall, visitors will deepen through the txt and five images were cultural understanding. Interactive activities one: stick with the congratulating fiscal activities of the region is also family to build a large ingot sculpture, please feel ingot visitors stick wealth, for the new year to discuss a good fortune.
Second, interactive activities: I am the God of Wealth in the active region set was the God of Wealth of the pictures of a five-card, visitors tin select their favorite image of the God of Wealth manner combined with their and shoot pictures. The adoption of activities to improve the five passengers were the God of Wealth further understanding the picture. Three interactive activities: fortunes of the Road in the activities of asset among the district and intend a direction, visitors in the second access of getting money through, meaning covered with wealth. Since then, fortunes proceeded. Four interactive activities: Trevi Fountain set up a toad in the Trevi Fountain, guests toad at putting coins into the jaws of the game, averaging his nice wishes in the new annual can be effected. Five interactive activities: Finance is satisfied that the active entry space visitors tin savor the regional quality snacks, money, goods lamb skewers, agate and additional colored candied fruit snacks in Beijing. Six
North Square "goods Lin Xuan" mobilize a showroom, "narcissus carving Third Beijing Fengtai District Exhibition and the Second Board Narcissus Landscape Sculpture Exhibition", there ambition be carefully engraved aboard the hundreds of boils of daffodils for visitors to enjoy,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], tourists visiting the temple to send the thick warmheartedness. South Gate of the small square "was the God of Wealth pray five Board" Dashilan street outside the front door, fish mouth, Beijing is familiar, merely aliens are more familiar to the Dashilan, fish mouth to mention that people who know tiny of. In fact, the fish population in Qianmen Street Road East and Dashilan opposite is the bustling commercial street. Business and services is different with the Dashilan are their own characteristics. Fish in the mouth, more than a century old history is not uncommon, and some melodrama ashore the opening of the prominent Qing Dynasty, the first even longer. Tiancheng is a vegetarian boot store opened in the Qing Dynasty, is a former shop and a factory producing all kinds of styles of shoes sold in the store. "Cultural Revolution" period to stop the use of old, the reform and opening up, was skillful in 1985, resumed its original name, is the cardinal production vegetation in Beijing a kind of orthodox cloth shoes fabric shoes and cloth shoes leather shoes of various modern.
Filial lane in the South there is a wooden building of the corner creating, is the original "Taixing No." - produced hawthorn cake mart. Public-private partnership in 1956 when gold cake plant to the public-private partnership, the making amplified, and stores have too shook to the Haidian District, Beijing, the label was changed to a gold cake plant. Chaogan age Beijing eating a snack, have a long history of alive Chaogan Tianxing shop, also open in the fish mouth. Quan Ju De Roast Duck with Roasted there are differ "inexpensive Square stew oven roast duck cafeteria," and too opened in the Qing Dynasty, the "Cultural Revolution" phase was changed to the new cafeteria, Lu, reform and prologue up and then reinstated the elemental appoint.
Fish the mouth of the Ma Juyuan cap shop hat is old shop specializing in ethnic minorities,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], has a long operating history, the Qing Dynasty when it opened to the fish mouth, a couple of wooden shops outside the black monkey for a VI, a human as many years that black ape hat shop hat shop to know Maju Yuan. "Cultural Revolution" period, there were labeled the "four olds" to the 1986 resumed old. There Xinghua Yuan fish mouth baths, massive scale, operating the 1st is relatively long. Both sides of the cache is a small Mulou, perennial people masterpiece representations,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], drama, field was sold out.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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