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beijing landing transfer

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PostPosted: Mon 8:53, 21 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing landing transfer


People appeal for the current year, household and prettiness prettiness,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], flat, so he deliberately dissonant harmonics that sound "broken Retroflex Suffixation" and "Trivial Matters," one by one to shirk. Low social development in the quondam, there is not extra handy modern baking powder, a few days onward of the ordinary to do the easy side bad, just do no like baking a bad, old Beijing in the year to be steamed enough to dine one week the entire family about the bread, called the afterward year to dine. Therefore, the old Beijingers used to Danian twenty-eight this day, "the airplane made", started preparatory work on the staple food. Why Beijing than in other portions of the old man half a blow slower, in the "2 eighteen" This is Genius "the surface of cilia", until "two nine" merely "steamed buns" mean?
Baking powder is not available because in the past, ordinary wheat flour in old Beijing winter apartment temperature, the fermentation is not easy success can only be in the "XXVI, big stew beef" and "exercise is to kill the cock", the house which has been hot conditions, is most promising to face a good fermentation. This fermentation good surface to steam out the next day on a good bread. In two days ago, the old people in Beijing, every family should persist to go to the mart with stores, centralized procurement. With more than usual to buy short sale than work to the market as the main intention of this two-day New Year work to the market is primarily trading items such as: fireworks, couplets, God, horses, incense, burning paper, meat and meat, a kind of playthings, children awards gifts, bloom girl accessories and other various first. To purchase back a heap of required items, the old Beijingers also posted on a variety of flavor with deep color paintings, scrolls, window guards, welfare and a variety of rune words, known as the "Flower stickers "- that is, the mouth of Old Beijing" on paper. "
Couplets from the antique custom of the "Spring Festival." Ancient China, people of mahogany wood to ward off evil. The Five Dynasties period, the Shu potentate Meng Chang Ya good literature, Every year he arrayed inscribed the Spring Festival, a afterward scrolls of Origin, and wrote in the Spring Festival on the "New Year satisfied Yuqing, Ka section number Changchun", it will be recorded in Chinese history the First Vice "scrolls." Later, with the advent of papermaking, there came the red paper couplets instead of the custom cherry lumber of the post. Window guards, also known as "window flowers", is a people masterpiece of paper cutting, the common people is hollow carved red Mao Bianzhi slit a crowd of auspicious patterns, posted on the windows that spring. Today is the twelfth lunar month twenty-nine, the old folk saying in Beijing, "twenty-nine, steamed bread,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]," one mentioned. There are many places in the North Jubilee melodies is "twenty-nine, paste down unitary." On this day, what are particular about the steamed buns? Why should steamed buns a little above the point on the five red? Steamed buns split a cut whether anybody meaning? "Inverted unitary" What stuff? Paste "inverted unitary" stand for?
Old Peking Man "twenty-nine, steamed buns," the custom of a long time. Moreover, "steamed buns," the stress may be more: steamed buns aboard the 5 points on the red a little, to show the excellent good luck. Points accustom in the red a little object, small pieces of red periodical is first dipped in a mini water, then use a pate quite homogeneous, and five children knotted together sorghum stalk something, submerge a little this is Water soaked the red paper, and finally point to the maturing of the cake altitude. After a few minutes ashore a good bread pan you, anything OK 啦. New Year's bread tin be molded into assorted fashions, citron-shaped bread for the "congratulating", Peach's BEAN BAG is "life", as well as many nice surface modes can be sculptured out of five children Davydenko made the doll cakes, cheerful crop Pisces cakes, rich cakes and other welfare park packed with pasta. "Busy year" is full of joy, full of hope, full of inspired process.
In addition to "steamed buns", should also be steamed with some dates, the band filling, with flowers,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], such as steamed buns, steamed hi, steamed steamed rolls, steamed red bean bag circular, steamed bread sons, wishful steamed rolls. Should the outcome for of too much heat out of the bread steamed cracked hole in the preceding sentence may instantly said, "Look, bread smiled." Although this may be a little steamed buns baking distress, there are still many people are still ambitioning to mallet to this older generation passed down in mores. The twelfth lunar month twenty-nine this daytime also was known as "Little New Year's Eve." New Year's Eve is the final daytime of the twelfth lunar month lunar night, it Chinese New Year (first day) end to end. "Eve" in the "Subject" word "to; effortless; alternate" manner New Year's Eve means "to do on the needy antique" people have to thump away the cobwebs, and old age and in addition to this, the averaging of the coming year, different one-year-old , is the lunar year final night. Therefore, the activities during the period approximately the thump away the cobwebs, Relief Prayer for the megalopolis. Zhou, Qin phase of time to do every year, to be held in the Palace "Great Exorcism" ceremony, drumming evict plague ghosts, known as "along addition," afterward the day ahead New Year's Eve is known as a small addition to that Xiaonian Ye; besides for the huge New Year's Eve, the evening of the year.
Rumors over the past years, said: "The twelfth lunar month twenty-nine, Shangfen big for your predecessors." For the adore of ancestors in China long time. Death is not only a stuff such as raw an major symbol of filial fidelity is the virtue of esteeming elderly. Spring Festival is the largest section, Shangfen your forefathers especially solemn ceremony also. Shangfen Please progenitor of the time, most of the district in the morning of the twelfth lunar month twenty-nine Please ancestors. Old Beijing that because of the twelfth lunar month twenty-three this day, the management of the Kitchen God each family has the virtually impossible profession, has to wait until New Year's Eve will be back to human inspection, and accordingly from the twelfth lunar month fifteen to the twelfth lunar month nineteen of these days, the earth holds-barred - so, while people can take advantage of the opportunity to free the gods are not at home to do some things they like. This "something you enjoy," the most major thing is to get married between young men and women.
In fact, at this period make arrangements because Marriage, the real reason namely namely the terminal days of busy human a annual, make preparations because the children wed, either time and energy, there are exuberant edible as a advocate, this namely a agreeable time. In addition to "twenty-nine, steamed buns," in some places there are "twenty-nine, glue down unitary" and "twenty-nine, check winds" and other phrases children.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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