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beijing layover tour

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PostPosted: Mon 9:49, 21 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing layover tour


New Year's Eve to New Year's Eve is the climax of the Chinese New Year, people who work outdoor the home, some thousands of miles away, must rush home. Life is the most hi collect, the Chinese New Year celebrations, it is your joy, From this day, the kid dress new clothes, wearing a new hat, women both young and old, must wear a red bloom, the mini girl is dolled herself up disadvantageous people must say the words to talk. Parents of the child's tubes are loosened, some naughty children, are not subject to rebuke, be free to, cheerful to play want to play their own game. Especially boys, a few people obtain together to go to each others stopping by to see who is a good family pictures, lanterns look like someone new. For children, the spirit of Chinese New Year dinner, and dinner on the table, is equally essential, or even first.
New Year's Eve night, also known as reunion banquet, the meals prepared at home should under all the good edible, are put on the table. Vegetable Rice on the table, merely also pay attention to harmony: the fish, a character of every year more than, rice cakes, a symbol of the years. Dinner generally began to bless the juniors for the elderly over the past year in study, go in progress, and juniors who wish health and longevity is full of auspicious atmosphere. In the nightfall, babies were points on the lanterns, firecrackers, took to the streets to play. "Candle night" and "reside up", all averaging "time merit" to the final day of the year ought be more appreciate of this "one night with two-year-old, just before dawn hours two years," the good old days.
Spring Festival Party was not television, folk and some superb stories almost the antique people speak almost New Year customs have evaporated, meantime others played mahjong tiles, some with cattle mark "Tuipai Jiu", usually no allowed apt gamble the household, this day have to "release mow", of way, gambling money is very small, and either are kin members, it does not matter who triumphs, fair intend a fun air. New Year's Eve, customs are none of the courtyard and the courtyard namely covered with sesame fodder, people took to the issue of "press, press," the voice, the sesame stalks crush, any pronunciation "color-year-old" so the new annual is a "color of the age." It is said namely there is security of these sound effects, the thieves into the hospital and made a clamor, the owner tin be heard at anyone time. By midnight, New Year began to elders, seniors to juniors in the "lucky money" while you must say words of congratulating and joy maximum of the night, some people ambition to dine someone, the hot factors and put aboard the chart stuffing dumplings ... ...
To a New Year's Day, the first day, another New Year began the matter, neighbors encounter each other Zhuji Li's words, as good fortune and the like, ordinarily some variety of barrier in the vicinity, using the cause of New Year, New Year, eliminating obstacles, barriers with the past year passed, the new year begins, to give up the hatchet, and reconciled. First day to fifth day, and some anti-handling scissors and knives, the journal meals are arranged with the pre-holiday under the bread and a diversity of New Year's feast, you can look with a steaming boiler. Is really a engaged year because New Year housewives repose. Married women can not live in her parents at the premier month, in truth, during the Chinese New Year in mandate to allow youth pairs degree of a "honeymoon", and only to the two days of February, her parents live merely ten days to go half, there is "February 2, then child "contention.
Early years, the twelfth lunar month twenty-three later, every family must couplets, usually known for paste pair, because the paper is written in red, too understood for paste red pair. In the twelfth lunar month the streets of the chief in the quondam have a special bargain of the scrolls of the "pair share", written after the pair shared Tanqian hanging, fantasy culling, you can also write the scene, while the intellectuals are at home in more than write their own pair . As long as the pair to the red door an, instantly there ambition be a festive atmosphere. Among retired pay care to "God ambition mallet, will be posted every door, each object will stick," so much the number of the Spring Festival couplets, and the most comprehensive. Special consideration to the gods ahead the couplet, mostly words of admiration and blessing. God often related with paradise and earth: "Grace like the deep sea, to German ponderous as a mountain"; land of God Alliance: "Earth in the white students, to within a gold"; Wealth Alliance: "the chief fiscal resources of heaven,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], world Fluke God"; surface barn, cattle pens, etc. of the scrolls, they were always that party and wish. Such as "bumper farm, booming domestic animals"; "a mountain of thick rice,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], fuel,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], salt and deep as the sea"; "cattle like Nanshan tiger, horse, such as the North Sea Dragon"; "Great Year of the Goat in Sheng, a small lamb at month" and so on.
There are also some single-joint, as many as 2 words, commonly known as "the word Kyrgyzstan Alliance (expression)." Each chamber is posted as "watch the mushroom of Joy", posted opposite the door, "work see hello", stir posted, "Wang Qi sky", the hospital posted "golden courtyard", tree paste "deeply rooted", two wagon (carriage) posted "out of peace", "bon trip" and so on. South West can also be affixed at home, such as "Eight Games on schedule," "a lion", "all directions to asset," "large good luck"; in the south labeled as "windfall on the additional hand," "6, Shun" ; in the southeast labeled as "heaven and artistic", "advantageous", "Wenchang in season"; in the north-west labeled "let yourself go," and so on. Couplets on the door, is a facade, with special emphasis, alternatively affection, or write asset, rich in content quips.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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