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beijing personal excursion guide

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PostPosted: Tue 13:05, 22 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing personal excursion guide


King wall, railings, said teeth activity a important role in separating and decorative, constantly planted during Plant Climbing level, low ground cover plants to natural ascending, so namely no only soften, cover, and stop creating chips rigid angular lines, yet too beautify the environment, for the visitors joined a near of nature. Step edge of the road can be periwinkle, Euonymus fortunei and additional floor cover; in the railings, scenery walls, side walls can be grown as honeysuckle, ivy, Yau Ma vine, wisteria and other hanging favor lianas.
In addition, the erection pieces are generally light, mostly gray line, and green foliage color, and with manifold colors and seasonal changes in the combination of plants and architectural pieces, can make up their drab color, the function of the construction sketch and content of the representation of the wording to add different language. Plants not only beautify the right to play the role of architectural pieces, but also can be configured to sketch a extra complete building their own capabilities. Pieces such as the straight (navigate chart, arrow signs) next to the trees play a particular tree can signify the role of excursion guides; in the rack at climbing plants planted, extra faultless shade of the gallery skeleton effect and function. Garden seat namely the maximum widely dispensed, the largest number of pieces, and its cardinal function is to visitors to recess, enjoy the scenery to cater stop at. From the functional point of view to devise, seat side of the plant configuration ought be accessible in summer shade, not winter blocks out the sun. Therefore, a massive deciduous trees in chairs beneath the shade can not only send almost, the high canopy of plants can also enjoy the landscape as the "hood" so that more shine and explicit vision viewpoint, the rest would feel more open space.
House of Ten Thousand Buddhas in Paradise, after collectively referred to Xiaoxitian in paradise. Astor before the door, for the three yellow glazed tile roof with the wall of the door. North and South have began a commemoration arc, yellow glazed tile roof, south of St. Paul to the amount of the South "Daqian circular home," North to the amount of "full million Tan Fei," amounted to the northwardly to the south arch "collect all Ford," North to the amount of " Lucky is large. " Things have a Budo, F, for the Ten Thousand Buddhas, seven, three-storey, top-level ridge to transfer large Xie Shan, yellow glazed tile floors are all cutting edge of green roofs, built in thirty-five years of Qianlong (1770), To commemorate his mommy Empress Xiao Xian St. was built sixty birthday. The first Buddhist potentates and ministers have attempted life hurling, statistics approximately ten thousand, and accordingly shrieked "House of Ten Thousand Buddhas." Poke pole banners treasure tree on the left front, right, stand stone buildings, buildings north of engraved Qianlong "House of Ten Thousand Buddhas Feast of imperial Gengyin poem" as:
"Body of Mu Qing gave birth to a euthanasia, made into two full adore as public funds in the scope. Several million dollars because funding the public deed,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the construction of the Three layer wafers Qian. Fragrant banquet of divination at the beginning, Ford was compliant to force folk retention. Let pray at old old life enumeration, gizzard Cheng Hui Xuan is also the wish. " Something blocks south side, engraved clear words, the Mongolian word, Zephaniah the word. Alliance for the downstairs ground of Ten Thousand Buddhas: "Ten thousand live lead light, Foli incredible; a million into the Yes, I heard the case of nice luck." The floor attach is: "Hong sea view are monetary, valid stream not sink; Epiphyllum down over the tie, with the assist life world." Upstairs amount of "China Tibetan Hengchun." Union: "The Dragon and Elephant Conservation serious, full of many treasures; one-day adjoin joy over Henghe Sha." House building contrive east of the Po, Man Fai House, House of the 5, Xie Shan Gray Tongwa for the mowing edge yellow green glazed tile roof, the lower side ahead the gallery. After the House of Ten Thousand Buddhas nigh every door, inside the East Gate of the Church for the clarification, together: "The King ambition be the red financial treatment interest, in the bottom of the machine kept Hing."
And together as: "Neoconfucianism with crystal-clear, smoke will be slim shadow sky. "Also interlocked to:" Love of the origin of the delay Tan Bo, Qi treatise will ripple through the Enemy. "outer tribunal to the veranda, front is a pond, after the Rock Hill, behind the Pavilion name Cham Bi Tang Pavilion, West Building reasoned by cool . North as a mirror algae Hin, south to Sea Ranch Pavilion. Were clear about the North Gallery Pavilion pond, Dan Yin Xuan west room. Simon all intentions among the pavilion, octagonal Cuanjian Ding Zhong Yan, yellow green glazed tile cutting edge, set a stone fortress,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], engraved Guan sixteen should actually like painting and engraved "imperial system" Compliments above it. House afterward another, amounted to "true treasure Wisdom." Union: "The Dharma Eye Chang-Ming, Hui light everlasting; seamless body itself, of the sea pass away." Are all written by Emperor Qianlong.
Eight-time invasion of China in 1900, here dwindled to the Japanese headquarters building in the Golden Buddha do looted, relinquished after getting here, the opening of the Republic of China "three sea perception" carries: "This is still South Square, Square, North Square, with only a pedestal, a license has been demolished. Baoji; Po plot F as before,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the lonely wall DW Fai House, one neutral, with only rubble, the former tree cover has been devastated by blaze on rapine carry on. Before Block House of Ten Thousand Buddhas is still the Buddha, the Buddha is in the Boxer years lost. reserve those clouds, the Japanese naval transport back to the country, no more than one human. this downstairs of the Buddha, the Buddha is only the first of more than lying on the ground, I do not understand where to move from the , the non-true colors are. "

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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