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beijing layover tour

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PostPosted: Tue 13:29, 22 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing layover tour


Also for of this, the bureaucrats, the wealthy will flock to self-evident to remove hundreds of years to the provision of gardens,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], creating continuity other industries, such as the Ming Dynasty, Li Wei, one of the famous Tsinghua Garden, rice spoon Park million minutes. The cause on behalf of the Ming and Qing Yi, gradually devastated the two garden garbage. Qing, Patriarch Xuan Ye (Emperor) to supersede heavier Tsinghua Shuji, were Chang Chun. After surely via health, Yongzheng and Qianlong three generations over a hundred years, the Haidian Park and near the name from: Qingyi Garden, Yuanmingyuan, Chang Chun, Shu-Spring Garden, near Spring Garden, Xi Chun Park, Huai Yuan Cheng, Wei Xiu Park , Ze Cheng Park, Long Run Park, an acre of garden, contented park. Within a radius of tens of years in the formation of a "see see are entire flying Club garden,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], stretching between the peak of the tree looming in the clouds."
As mentioned earlier, while the Babaoshan - Gongzhufen Yongding River heaved water barrier has been difficult to Nanliu after Babaoshan onward the south side of the river will be plain to the southeast tilt pouring. This is the hereafter of water found in the history paperbacks Rui weary old course. Rui tired of water on written records, was 1st seen in the third centenary AD. However, as the geological section can look, water is not only tired old Rui range, but also deeply slit. Capable of approaching the north coast south Babaoshan, Beijing's southwest corner, down then up majuqiao, high-Furusho, Zhangjiawan; south by the Fengtai Town, South Dahongmen, huge return to the city, taken infertility, Feng River Camp, its width of river within three to 4 kilometers, the riverbed sand, gravel deposition twelve to twenty meters thick. Upstream (near Shijingshan) overlap the river, river morphology is not obvious. To become across near Southview high, navel and low butterfly depression, about two to three meters deep; to majuqiao, great smooth behind to the city the emulating as the river was then diffuse state, many bough and horns distribution. According to C14 dating, the ancient Ta River water as early as 1600 years ago in 1400 it has been in existence. Nanyuan now seen onward the Zi, nur is the accumulated water in the demise of the ancient Rui remains of the process. And from the lotus pool Liangshui and Daxing County, River Phoenix, just developed in the water so tired Rui Road to the two rivers.
This low-lying, water rich. According to historical records, there were only around Tuanhe spring ninety-four house, an acre of spring there are extra than twenty. Here, "Pu Wei Ji Ji water misty, glorious crab brutal mallard Music", forming a very special geographic landscape. Southview space is distant away in the Liao Dynasty potentates Qidan hounding area, and have "dry Eagle Taiwan." Yuan was renamed the "South China Sea Son", winter and spring, Yuan Mongolian rulers accustomed to come to this "vertical peregrine falcons fighting, musing of the Yu Yu", which favor "flying dismount widely forty ares parking place, let fly shop in North City Park, yellow Egypt Park Flying Club shop put wide thirty ares. " Years of the Ming Yongle (1414) augmented their land, up to eighty kilometers around walls. To the Qing Dynasty, "I'm toward the consequent, one thousand six hundred families set the sea, human all round acres to the land. Spring and winter hunting quest to narrate naval time. CHRISTINE circumstance of a Grand Review, the Su-Bing brigade here." Also intended to fabricate and construction Tuanhe palace, take this fruitful, "roe deer, pheasant hare countless" local circulate Court for the ban.
To amount up, the old course is the Beijing Yongding landscape development of the natural geographical foundation, and without this basis, he shall not fulfilled in the past, and even gardens in Beijing today. Yongding River in the coming out after the alteration from the east by the Yangzhuang Shijingshan, Babaoshan and Tamura, between the two Banbidian into northwardly and south near the north branch by Zizhuyuan, near the zoo to Jishuitan divided into two. Wenyu River connecting the east and an archaic Bahe River; different by the North Sea off the south west of Zhongnanhai, the front door, gold fish pond, Longtan Lake, the left Tiananmen Square, in the vicinity of diffuse Majuqiao down, Sorghum is the ancient river. Banbidian stream to the south branch in the proximity will also be divided into two Yuyuantan and continued south, the ancient river and ancient Lotus River thistle. Because of its trunk and the river further the golden hook, mate, so shrieked ancient Jingou River. The upper river two to three kilometers wide, up to 7 to 8 kilometers in central, near to Hu Jia Lou is over ten kilometers. The thickness and essay of sediments from substance inference, in a decisive phase of time, it had been co-exist with the ancient Qinghe.
The origin and evolution of Beijing has a particular importance to the Lotus River system and sorghum River system, are amplified in the golden nail, the two natural creek channel on the track. Heyuan from Lotus Pond, West Lake, said Liao. This "green water Cheng Dan, Sichuan Pavilion telescope, likewise won the Tour visions of it." At that time, the capital of the palace in array to solve the water from the Lake of the Seba then contained into the city among the ring groove, and established a very important forest Court, names the same park, too understood as West Lake, C. demersum pool. Sorghum River antique way 1 to two kilometers wide, according to C14 dating fourteen hundred years ago alternatively so. On which are developed after the sorghum River, the rill is almost three hundred meters broad and generally, in this Power Supply Bureau and the bandwidth of the front board Street, six hundred meters.
Sorghum Creek is located east of the metropolis of gold in both the northern suburbs, very different two apt three kilometers. The White Lotus Lake was fair a piece of the lake along false regulation. Both built later the King Sejong in idea namely the public ambition be nineteen years (1179), the construction Daning Palace here. It namely built nigh the lake and, King Lam Chui Court in the cross-built house, Ningde Palace, West Park, there Yaoguang Taiwan; lake isle in King Wah, Yao F; Lake is Piyou rice, Hawthorn, has chance famous in the capital landscape. After the Yuan Jin, decided apt abandon the "micro-flow Juan",[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], "taint spring sparse evil" of the Lotus River system, and the maximum urban construction to the profuse water aboard sorghum River system, that Jin Daning Gong King Wah construction for the hub most of the island, and further prologue the lake to elect the aboriginal, built Longevity Hill is too liquid pond. Most of the early Ming Shiyou drilled in the South China Sea, rebuilt. "Liquid pool is merely a lake, the Ming Xiangyan 3 sea points." It is this surface connected to the "three sea", the grand rigorous, and the noble castles and waves Liu Ying, seductive and varied scenery reflect each additional, forming one highly beautiful mortal fairyland.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

beijing voyage service

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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