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beijing peregrination service

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PostPosted: Tue 12:39, 22 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing peregrination service


China and the pavilion there is a alike fashion is more tall than the pavilion,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], known for the "spire" of the Buddhist commemorative alternatively landmark building. The prototype fortress and its religious definition is passed from India in India averaged the grave, and buried the remains of Buddha, apt China, its meaning has expanded.
The practical function of the tower are not restricted, relatively free form, and there is a fund-raising by the followers or the construction of citizen and local funding, constantly cost lots of money to show their fidelity,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the building like a lot of ways, so the style is very wealthy, is the craftsmen free ride imaginative location, become an essential type of architecture. Chinese pagoda-style pavilion and Miyan Shi to the main tower are combined with the prototype of India has large mathematics of Han Chinese pavilion built. Curve of ancient architecture in various portions of artistic wording, are unique. Three-dimensional shape from a building, to a component,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], has a curve in which the art of alteration. Especially in those parts of the decorative arts, is the squiggly lines that intertwined to form a fantastic curves.
Roof curve, a curve of the maximum prominent architectural style, it is the use of ancient buildings in China was the most common, after it scatter throughout Asia, a premonitory affect. If you begin a city from the northeast to south peregrination, you can ascertain entire the city's buildings roof curve, the curve of the roof started growing from the flat, has been to the south, leaving increasing curvature curve Qiaojiao more beauteous cilia. Curve of the roof slope roof is to make a concave surface shape, and spines also appeared curve. Curves arbitrage size is based on the characteristics of generated regional air, but also were remedied along to the nature of construction, so the roof approximately the curve and another. North northwest wind around, such as great, in adding to housing other than the direct use of flat-topped, with the roof of the building, the slope has a curve, while the wind blows, you can wind curvature curve can be ventilated, therefore, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai has a deep curve of the roof houses.
Private housing south of the Yangtze River around the arc of the roof curves significantly increased compared to the northwardly, which is thought also many rain causes the South formed. Building roofs, primarily the discriminated curve and increase than in the north many similar buildings. Hot and humid southern climate, but there are delicate outlooks, so the ventilation building and ornamental are more careful, construction and build more Seiko act nice. Where the roof forms and traits combine to chance a better curve and shape of its beautiful form. The anti-tilt up the Yan Jiao, the curling degree roll angle than the North Building and sharp roll behind in repeatedly too many. We can see, whether it is ordinary houses, temples of the Temple tower, and regardless of the garden is in the attic, Yan Jiao roll beautifully, so that people feel the charm of architectural art. To the southeast coast of Fujian and Guangdong zone, greater curvature of the curve. Why make the curve slope on the roof? In addition to normal climate and surroundings has a direct impact, but also for the slope longer to do the portico is also a ingredient.
If Qian Yan higher roof slope but likewise to mushroom, it is the top curve and the gallery spliced to roof trusses to maintain a definite level. Followed by the formation of the elegant requirements. If you do a quite flat wooden roof slope, it will make people feel bored rigid, quite uneasy; if feels soft curve to extend. This is an of the surface of a psychological efficacy of art gratitude. Curves of the manner of ancient architecture is evolving. Pavilion from the Qin and Han dynasties to the present number of buildings, less mutual, fashionable as so long. In fact, widespread throughout northern summer arbor, cheerful mat huts, and shed the fabric dealers mart towns and villages, are also aiding dual slope top housing style, indeed occurring curve slope. Qinghai, Tibet, a great many herders tents can be discerned aboard altitude of the slope curve. This form is not further the origin of the roof curves of these ancient origins it.
I calculate that explore the ancient structure in China what is the roof curves generated, is a quite amusing thing. Some people only learn from a structural viewpoint, namely is the auditorium into the deep, the length of the roof slope, at a single tilt of 7 purlins to be counted from the eaves purlin purlin Dao is the ridge high to cheap, and then from low to tall, ambition inevitably produce bend. Only 3 private housing high slope purlin, tin no make a curve, so it does not produce curves. I deem that this simply to look at the issue of structuralism is inappropriate.Main Hall and additional Diange the eaves installation brackets, is the matchless shapes of ancient erections.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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