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Beijing China Tours

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PostPosted: Tue 12:15, 22 Mar 2011    Post subject: Beijing China Tours


You come in from the north gate south fifty meters, through the North Heavenly Gate longer follow that a ascend will be proficient to see that large tree, its canopy is large enough to cover over three hundred square meters of the place, Mimizaza leaves, layer covering their floor, standing before the roots can not detect the sun a tiny too near the breach. This fast-growing deciduous tree is very appropriate for planting by the roads, it has some cold hardiness and resistance to the character of soot. It is said that the tree Platanus Ritan Park, called the chief of the cap. In truth,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it will more than forty years of age, to fall off a sycamore tree green receptacles, all the branches of a tree branch twigs are covered with the same fruit as the peal. Ilex autumn wind blowing, bell, brush quake ringing sound of the fall. Looking around storied pigment, autumn breeze, it is like a paintbrush Dianran little guilty leaves out a variety of colors. Walk a few steps along, waving red persimmon trees and maple leaves, where the warm inviting people to see at ginkgo tree is the golden garden trees dressed, turn his face looking by you, the background is the sky blue Zhanzhan.
Beijing's autumn and winter turn, occur overnight, and on the human too Yang Zhelian, watching in amazement the pulchritude of a ginkgo, blue sky in the background voicelessly enjoying a golden autumn leaves of a tree while Beijing in the autumn of your sensation is a filmed more beautiful when treading on the foot of a floor of leaves scatter, was torn with how to maintain the prettiness of this autumn night, the air virtually all the autumn leaves are being represented ground. Northern winter cold to show the access dry aroma, showing a solemn scene. Some shadowy sky, like some variety of expectancy. Small snowflakes from the Sky in capsules floating leisurely, voicelessly dripped to the ground. After merely one night, there is a white earth. Only those who are not ambitioning to install a green pines and cypresses still, favor, like sentinels guarding those old buildings. Small air blowing in waves, bravely Doulou the tree in front of the body of the sleet, showing his headstrong role and black green in color. At this time the trees through those bleak, one can see a segment of the park, and those ruddy wall and green tiles of antique buildings, attempting the yen appears to open the altar, the high and solemn mystery of the God appeared library, when the small size of the massacre like cornices elected Pavilion a dream-like, they always show magnetism. Trees and park construction financing for a whole. In the quiet, as if to sleep, merely also act their own nightmares of spring.
I love the trees on the altar, every have their own views throughout the year, flowers in spring and summer are dark green, chromatic in autumn,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], winter silence. But they regarded their selfless dedication to the seasonal beauty. On the altar of the tree is a kind of beauty, but also a quality. Jingshan Park for Beijing also familiar. Jingshan Children's Palace is to that singing "Let Dangqi sculls," the Age of Innocence red scarf left a agreeable memory, Children's Palace in the craft of nurturing and juvenile behind, like a explicit spring, waters escape deep ... ... Jingshan with approximately a thousand years of history, have a mountain of taint, the town of Hill, Long live the mountain, Meishan, Zi Jinshan said. Liao Dynasty, the Liao Taizong Yelv Deguang use in the Yongding River oxbow lake and island, the construction of Yao Island palace, and excavation of the North Sea, were stacked in 2 large world mound on altitude of Jingshan after gradually and Qionghua Island. Ning Jin too sure the construction of north-south axis of house and behind in accordance with the construction of too Ning Jing Shan Temple. Yuan Dynasty palace as a barrier to Jingshan, is listed as portion of the Imperial City.
The garden namely phoned "After the Garden", and planting trees in the mountains established pavilion. "Marco Polo" that "by inches the palace apt the northwardly, a stone's dart away from the wall, there is one artificial rockery, exactly a hundred paces tall mountains, circled at approximately 1.6 km, planted bring an end to ...the beautiful mountains Evergreen. " Nineteen annuals to the Ming Yongle (1421), Yongle Emperor Zhu Di's life in the Yuan Dynasty, based aboard the rehabilitation of the Forbidden City Palace, the removal of the old Imperial City aboard the muck pile in Jingshan, planted pine and cypress mound, saying "Long live the hill", Singapore under fruit trees, phoned "a hundred orchards." After the construction of the Fengxian Temple Mount (the life Imperial Palace), Germany view the house, flower house and additional structures. As the court in front of stores in the mountains a lot of coal, has "Meishan" mentioned. Shunzhi years (1655), Long live the mountain was renamed "Jingshan", with scenic mountain views. Twenty-four years Kangxi (1685), builder of the Imperial Household Department officials began in the Jingshan School. Fourteen years of Qianlong (1749), Qianlong Diming reconstructing 5 booths in the mountains, and five gatherings in the booth dedicated to the Buddha, a character of the Chinese eastern, west, south, north, in the five-party peace and stability.
Twenty-six years Guangxu (1900), eight-invasion of Beijing, Jingshan four booths on either side of Buddha demolished. In 1928, Jingshan into the park. After the founding of new China,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], where as babies visit the park, I memorize our school teachers have mobilized many activities to Jingshan Park, the Young Pioneers. The Jingshan New Year's Day 1956 Children's Palace Imperial Palace compound in the establishment of life, and since then, Beijing Children's Palace is a basic school training procedures in area, many leaders and savants here and children must spend a agreeable vacation.
Since the primary educate along, I often later school or on Sunday and the small painting to the Jingshan Park faithful limn. We are standing on the highest point Wanchun kiosks vistas, the whole Forbidden City and many temples, majestic. King Wah island fruitful forests, the North Sea, Shichahai blue waves. Since then, less buildings, can see very distant, Drum Tower, Bell Tower and the bustling mart is apparently apparent, row above row of gray in the courtyard dome. Jingshan very picturesque old trees, "History of the Ming Palace," a "fruitful trees and mountains, deer, flocks of cranes," the records, Qianlong four years (1739) March Imperial Household Archives idea "Jingshan planting trees, etc. in season and cost of buy, has planted over Podocarpus, ginkgo, P.massoniana, thousands of pine, a absolute of 6 hundred forty-three Poisson.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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