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large walls tour

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PostPosted: Wed 10:59, 16 Mar 2011    Post subject: large walls tour


and Yiyun Tang Jingfu first year of the monument:" Yan city, to the southeast turn of a Minzhong Temple, the gates Provisional Hong Qu, every card can be also. "from the The account, we kas long aswithin the city of the Tang Shang Youzai You state Military City, Fayuan to the eastern of the city in the sub hundreds of steps. Fayuan in the Chinatown location is decided, we will look at Niujie. Fayuan west narrow to instruct the child,beijing travel service, then the West was Niujie, separated along a half years away. Fayuan both in the town east of the city hundreds of Chengzi step away from half a mile west of Fayuan the Niujie, has been in the town amid the city's child is not doubt the city. Moreover, the location and Fayuan Niujie Mosque situation virtually in a line, the chart of Beijing today to start looking,Forbidden City Tour, you can at a glimpse.
Niu Jie Tang Town in the city namely the Liao, Jin location been identified in the Old City, we look at the neighborhood of the Northern Song Dynasty and the territorial You state narratives. Zhao Kuangyin established in Song Dynasty in 960 AD onwards, in array to unify, he put down the period, some separatist Military. But in his war, only the cumbersome south, and slightly in the Northern Expedition, of special note, is taken for Liao defensive, so that two states recovered sixteen Yanyun movement were unsuccessful. Thus formed among Song and Liao north-south confrontation. Liao Taizong together behind in the first year (938) You state the city ambition soon enhanced to Nanjing, for the provisional capital of Liao and to the city's child You state the city, built a small Miyagi, the so-called "big inside." Until the mushroom of Jurchen afterward the Golden State, in the annual 1122 out of the Liao Youzhou.
When the Song were affirmed when the micro-and five-year (1123), Jin had to return six states Yanjing Song, Song You state the city to alteration the "Yanshan administration." But not long, and 7 declared (1125) Jin Liao off, You state once afresh fall into the hands of Jin. By the year 1153, the first year of Reign Under Hailing Wang Zhen Yuan, Jin Yanjing holy are changed, the latter also known as both, sending the lawful declaration Jin You state capital in the city. Accordingly, we can see that since the founding of the Northern Song Dynasty from the breeding floor until it crossed the hundred and sixty years, were announced only in the micro-and five to 7 years equitable two years, can be said in label of Youzhou "restore the territorial sovereignty," and its most or even all the time, You state sovereignty are caught in the Liao and Jin dynasties control. It is difficult to imagine, You state the case of the fall in the long term, in the Northern Song and Liao and confrontational,great wall tour, who screened the sea that will be able to speed Lu Song Taizong Shido two years, "Feng retention Temple in Yanjing."
We can presume from the time up. Song Taizong Shido years is 9% above the year, while Liao Sheng Zong systems and fourteen years; Liao l Youzhou Nanjing accompany always together as the first year (938 years), that is, Song Taizong Shido years, Liaoning has You state as the provisional capital of the city of almost 6 decades long. As we have already said, the city's child Niujie You state the city is situated, accordingly it harder to imagine, the Khitan people will allow Song to a mosque being built in their Forbidden City. After getting the land Jin Yanjing to Hailing Wang Zhen Yuan Dynasty (1153), formally announced Jin capital of Yanjing, which is gold in the capital. Both are assorted from the gold Liao Nanjing. Contains the history, Hailing Wang extravagant, and King Sejong, part two cases are in a phase of Emperor Cheng Ping, they are extra construction in both conditions.
They actually set to take House "Lake Park" in the timber, scoring Song Jing Kaifeng, or even the demolition of the Song to the palace doors and skylights are both, for the elaboration of their palaces; they also established the Court, jungle, such as the Fung Ying , apricot village, Liuzhuang so extravagant, so-called "Golden-Hui Fei, the scale of Hong-li." According to "Hailing accumulation", said: "most of the palace city of Yanjing room, people rarely, the palace extended to terraced rice paddies, on the mowing fearless, A chapter house was built, but true." "Daikin States of Ambition", "Jincheng seventy-five where. "According to research, seventy five miles refer to those appearance the city, its inner city is still the old city deserving to Liao. For Miyagi, is in the aboriginal city of Liaoning You state that based on the extension of the city wall was built, so Niujie position when the Jin Dynasty and the Liao as it was when Miyagi is also still among the gold. This is well-founded. According to "The History of the Five Elements Chi": "Dading August Dingchou thirteen years, making test Scholars in Minzhong Temple (that Fayuan), medium of the night when I suddenly melody from the East Tower on the west at the Palace."
From this account we can watch from the Golden Temple of Minzhong palace neighboring. Minzhong Temple southeast of the metropolis in the Liao and Jin, the palace situation nameless. The Niujie Minzhong Temple in the West a tiny, within in Miyagi, namely undoubted. In addition, "maximum of the palace city of Yanjing chamber, people seldom" gold in either, at the approximate of the "huge in" the Niujie, was impossible to have a church there.

magnificent walls tour

beijing landing transfer

Beijing Private Tour

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