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excellent walls tour

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PostPosted: Thu 7:56, 17 Mar 2011    Post subject: excellent walls tour


Long Street, Xicheng District, located in the north. Junji was built years, the Qing Xuan Ye Patriarch at the lay-pox. Yongzheng reign (1723) to be distributed to Prince Po (Qianlong Emperor) Hong Li as a personal first. Hong Li is not moving, after accession to the emperor to the Lama Temple, Ming Fuyou Temple. Generations have been rebuilt several times. Temple faces south, outdoor the wall to the west door. Bell and Drum Tower, King Hall 3. The three things side hall. Main Hall 5, in front of the platform, carved moire Royal Road. Rear five, within the dedicated "Great merit St. Zuren Huang Di Buddha" tablets.
Into the monastery because a total of 3. First into the gate, peal spire, composed of King Hall. Miankuo gate three, yellow glazed tiles Xieshan Ding. Before and after the construction of a gate Diao Royal Road, established nigh temperament shade walls, doors creature established south of the mammoth glass shade wall, 18 meters long. Standing in front of wooden arches above either side of Block 2. King Hall chief architecture for the yellow glazed tiles Xieshan Ding, something created ahead the house peal fortress, Zhong Yan Xie Shanding yellow glazed tiles. The second house into the center of the Main Hall for the temple construction, Miankuo 5, yellow glazed tiles Xieshan Ding, main ridge of the central tower has a lotus copper. The third into the rear, Miankuo 5, Xie Shanding. Hall dedicated to "Great value Monument St. Zuren Huang Di" tablets. Main Hall 5, in front of the platform,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], carved moire Royal Road. Rear five, within the devoted "Great value St. Zuren Huang Di Buddha" pills. Both sides of the main hall were built side hall, apportioned units and so on.
Hunan in 1919, Mao Zedong led the delegation to the dismissal of Peking warlord Chang Ching-yao had in this asylum. Tibet's Panchen Lama in 1927 apt Peking office. Panchen Lama in Tibet afterward 1949 who have offices in Beijing. National Museum of China was built in 1984, Collection and culture-related literature, movie, ethnic heritage, etc.. In the same year, was announced for the appointed protection and construction control areas, the scope of protection, including the use of the Panchen Lama Beijing Office, cheese River east, south, northwardly apt Temple wall, west blueprinting ruddy line. Bliss Temple of the Forbidden City namely the east walls of cheese River, and the Forbidden City across the river, there was a imperial garden, has a special position. Junji was built among the starting of 1644, Emperor Kangxi childhood smallpox was in this 'to shirk the pox', the premier annual of Yongzheng 1723 Prince Hong Li Po will be given here do buildings, merely he did not live. Later was changed to specifically adore the Emperor Yongzheng of the Temple of the Lord of rain, commonly understood as "Rain Temple" The Temple Qianlong dynasty into a extra Mingfu You Temple. Republic of China (1927) to the Office of the Panchen Lama in Peking in 1980, the Panchen Lama made after the Beijing Office. The end of 1919, Mao Zedong and several members of New People will have the same blessings sihou wind-room room. Conservation Association is currently the site of China's ethnic minorities.
Junji Ming and early Qing Dynasty, Kangxi time,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], four-year wind and thunder smokes and rain worship of God are allied in the Temple of Heaven Qi Niandian held. However, the Yongzheng, in mandate to better carry out rituals that more sincerely, to the construction of the Xuanren Temple, Zhao was the temple, condensate, and the temple, blessing Temple. The four temples and Zhenwu, Purdue Temple, Wanshou Xinglong Temple, silent integration into the Forbidden City Temple of the Eight Outer Temples, the eight temples have strict building regulations, annually throne worship, pray God bless good weather, peoples homes, good governance, battle-perfect. It is said that the National Palace Eight Outer Temples, the early years of its prestige surrounded the Eight Outer Temples in Chengde can very. Today the eight temples, in counting to bliss, calmly walked, and the remaining seven temples, were lost the original pattern and regulation, or removal or correction.
Due to the Royal Temple, the archaic pilgrims has not received contributor, commonly the house were locked. Entire buildings from south to north into three courtyards, facing south, the west gate. From south to north archway two entities were, respectively, the book includes: down in holiness and Tsz Yu Qun,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the door left and right as the bell, the drum on the second layer. Gate three, a stone lions guard the left and right, before and after Diao Royal Road, almost a character screen wall. On the corner gate, and one every side, King Hall for the second into the temple, and then into a main hall, imposing reputation. Central axis of the main hall there are open before and after the two can be accustom to Zhiguan to the rear. Intended to take a smooth Baishun. Main Hall built an octagonal eaves, canopies hanging on top of the tenth Panchen presented hada, kiosks and the navel of pure gold statues actors Manjusri, the crown set with colossal chromatic stones. According to legend, Emperor Qianlong had a imagine namely he is the incarnation of Manjusri, Manjusri for being in a separate pavilion, it said, "Monju Pavilion", which in Beijing and the Chinese temple is distinctive.
The right is the Sakyamuni Buddha, east and west sides are golden Eighteen seated Buddha workmanship, the air, highlighting the extraordinary royal style. King of the hall dedicated to the indomitable spirit of the 4 King seated, respectively, hold: dragon claw without scales, no bones no cover umbrella, the piano without strings and without sheath sword. Buddha very meticulous painter Wei Miao, eyebrows, beard calculate apparent. Seated Four Diamond rare, so slight and domineering are alone in this 1, no an even dared to touch shake, since I do not know what kind of stuff do, very well protected for centuries.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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