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doudoune moncler Links Comparing China and Japan

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PostPosted: Thu 22:20, 17 Mar 2011    Post subject: doudoune moncler Links Comparing China and Japan


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yesterday's earthquake, alerted the real World, naturally, including Japan, the neighbor . NHK yesterday in the evening news programs (like our news network) in the headlines, and today, the major television stations are also trying to trace the entire report, there have been critical of China has been criticizing the tone of the major media, almost entirely of humanitarian aid reported that the Japanese Government is also the first time after the earthquake, immediately to the disaster areas in China to provide 500 million yen in emergency assistance to tens of millions (but China does not seem to take the humanitarian aid, the Chinese only to the United States, thanked Russia and other countries.) I also see the Chinese and Japanese media reports of the disaster area, there are several issues I really need to say. China and Japan to compare the earthquake occurred at some scenarios, maybe give us some enlightenment.
1, we all know Japan is an earthquake country, the prevention of work in the earthquake, the world no country can do so in Japan. This is well understood, but one difference I excited. Just the news programs, broadcast on Chinese television spots for a while the press conference scene, in which a Chinese reporters have such a question [Why do a lot of primary school buildings collapsed, and few government buildings collapsed? ]. In Japan, earthquakes shelter and primary schools that Stadium. Why? Where the most secure buildings.
2, Japan on the East earthquake, Tangshan earthquake in China, has entered the annals of all casualties. However, since the Japanese efforts to improve the seismic building standards. I want to own house two years ago, of course, is most concerned about seismic. When I consulted the various construction companies found that their technology is no longer a guarantee that your house can not seismic magnitude 7, but does not fall into the house facilities (such as vessels within the cupboard.) Also experienced a huge earthquake casualties, the Japanese increased the level of the building's seismic, China? Seismic technology is only of limited use in the government building department. An officer is only aware of their life worth?
3, when the earthquake in Japan, people are running into the house, China? The station to the wilderness.
4, occurred in Japan two years ago the case of forged architectural design, vibration of the country, not only the architect was arrested, the use of the architectural design of the construction company owner, have been implicated in charge of the government's approval, to step down and strands of arrest visible. Look at the content, because the seismic design level earthquake did not reach the level of anti-5, although no earthquake toppled it. This is what will happen in China? China's seismic building standards when there is no research, is how to research it?
5, Japan, earthquake prevention not to mention, in Japan, where earthquakes to occur, there will be several stages of the scale of the earthquake have been discussed rotten rotten television. This information, which allows all citizens to share the results of academic achievement. China? There is no staff to the earthquake or the earthquake in our level of research than Japan? Have you ever heard in the next few years or ten years, decades, where there might be an earthquake? In other words, what areas are in the earthquake belt, this should know, right?
6, look at China's floods, every year, mid-block, the prospect is no cure? No money? Wrecker epic hero of course, but none of us to question, we can satellite into space, but why is not cure a river? Is technology enough? No. In Japan, the same problem occurred in succession that an officer would not continue to do so. They do not want words, public opinion can make you dingy down.

Finally, investment in disaster recovery operation of emergency in the country when the disaster recovery operation should be of one mind, perhaps these words should be placed on disaster recovery operation to a later date, but at that time, who would seriously?
said today, so many good things in Japan, I wonder how many also recruited [patriotic] ​​Fenqing abuses of the.

seismic Vietnam two years ago in Japan, I also wrote some thoughts, but also the way posted here for your reference it.
then spots a piece of news. Yesterday also saw the Chinese and Japanese leaders to visit the disaster area news. While Chinese and Japanese leaders rushed to the disaster news, or the first time ever. Japan is earthquake, China is flooding. All natural disasters are common, as the leaders of the visit affected areas have in common, that is, how to care for the people to declare their own woes, and in Japan in order to win votes, like the people in China is to declare the party is concerned about the people, in other words, people pull it. H looks more than ever, leaders say it is more. [Party and the government must let people have food to eat, clothes to wear, water, a health watch], and so, I noticed a drink, of course, it can be assured of drinking waters, but it seems there is no mention have room to live. Another is to encourage people to overcome the disaster and the courage of the kind of thing out. Chairman of the background H is a group of affected people there (barren land) Zhanzhao Ting leadership speech (a hold of the older children and the elderly), and then led the people to applaud. When reviewing the relief forces [comrades are working hard], the soldiers shouted Qi [serving] with the use when reviewing a military honor guard is a slogan. Japanese law with China is different from national leaders do not see the Self-Defense Force to review disaster relief. Japan's Self-Defense Forces in disaster scenes, I only see it once (the Kobe earthquake, the earthquake was received after the third day of the SDF for help invitation). Without the invitation of the local government, the SDF can not be unauthorized access to non-military sites (the law). Japan is a natural disaster (typhoon earthquakes) more countries, said the disaster to a lesser degree than that Japanese people are trained. Japanese Prime Minister Abe to visit the disaster areas amp has two scenes, one person at the scene to direct staff to listen to the report (the background was in the work, accompanied no large crowds, of course, had no applause), did not speak only to listen, that is, He told the people in the understanding of the disaster. Another scene is to shelter victims (true history), is often the primary school auditorium or gymnasium, where the lying or full of people. The arrival of the Prime Minister, there is no star effect, the Prime Minister did not speak, only a token few people shook hands, and occasionally speak of a [fuel] to the group. Run into a grouchy less is heard to say, not what the direction or instruction. Gives the impression that Japanese leaders are going through the motions, the Chinese leaders are like in acting.
[The posts by the way are attached at 2008-5-19 15:39 Edit]

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