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beijing hutong tour

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PostPosted: Thu 9:18, 17 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing hutong tour


Republic of years, been an lawful grand Shandong Jia Kai grow old villagers return home, the financing the construction of the Pavilion, tea and so on. Beiting built a large locust tree in the original antique place, the pavilion not large, but the engraved beams, eaves brackets, compact exquisite. The compartment is erected a blue stone, engraved with the "huge old locust tree at the" 5 scribe body temperaments. Beiting back, engraved with the inscription, summarize immigration birthplace. Ting Qian on one side by the West, has a tea room three, to arrange for guests to destroy open roots tea, tea Mei plaque inscribed "drink from the source." More than twenty meters south monument built one arch, engraved with banners, "Ka Shue Yan Yu", the other side engraved with "shade Qunsheng." The early eighties, Hongdong county rehabilitation and upgrading of a large locust tree park.
Here also spread some of the migration article. After the Revolution, Joseph Chang, Yuan mandated the governor of Shanxi Lu Yongxiang rate of the third onset on the town in Shanxi Revolutionary Army soldiers, went lustful looting. To Hongdong, the infantry came to the ancient Great Ash Office, have the afterward Malo worship,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], talk to each other: "Back to the home of the Great Ash." Not only did not looting, but will tax on attribute for a large acacia trees. Big Ash "anti-imperial disaster risk" of power for people to shriek Road. Legend of immigrants namely year, the officers and men with a knife in each deduct from the small fix to log. Immigrant who has a large locust tree arecomplexes of small nails (two). "Who is guhuai come to shake, experience little toe off a shoe-shaped." If you are interested, may hope to self-view.
At that period, to prevent migration to flee, officers and soldiers tied them, and then link up with a long cord, escort the immigrants on the road. People a step back, look at a large locust adults differentiate their children: "This is our home, this is our home." Descendants of immigrants now live in where not matter where, mention a large locust tree at the ancient home of their own . As long arm tied migrants, arms, numbness gradually, and presently habituated to it, afterward moving maximum of the people who favor to walk, hands after their descendants have followed this habit. In the escort process, deserving to voyage long distances, people constantly had to urinate report to the officers and men: "Master, amuse relieve themselves, I ambition to pee." Many times, and this tends to simple verbal request, fair mention "Sir, I relieve themselves "to comprehend is to urinate. Since then, "piss" has become synonymous with urine. People moved to a new place of residence, a wasteland, had to use their hard hands made room for housing, land reclamation farming, regardless of what, will consider of the mountains home. Sustenance for the thoughts to home,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], mostly in their new home's yard, planted the gate Ash, as a nostalgia for home, and nostalgia. Some emigrated to the movement, afterward creature named the appoint of the village of origin, such as the suburb of Beijing City Chao Camp, copper (Hongdong) camp, Puzhou camp, the eldest son of camps, the year that these people are from Zhao City, Hongdong etc. move to the.
A small room close to the predecessors, "guhuai descent name chart", a aggregate of four hundred and fifty on the table name, the commemorative pills dedicated to them, which greatly exceeded the Family Names. They are always immigrants to the country 6 years ago, after collected and reiterated, made public in the wall, so roots queries. In recent years, mainland people competing repair genealogy, ancestral roots abroad compatriots, have retard their kinship with the big locust tree. A lengthy six years years after, Han guhuai no longer exist, evaporated into the dust of history, and the same root and the third generation of breeding the next locust tree, the foliage fruitful and full of vitality. Cassia seed village extra than twenty provinces throughout the country, four hundred counties, and some as distant away as South Asian countries and districts.
Way back while grandparents were young and age, to quit his family overlooking a great locust tree in the back again and the age birds nest, the digit of melancholy tears shed, prepared with our compatriots is forever a large locust tree root to root, center to heart. Hong pour a large locust tree line couplets left lapel fast drink; Yin Ching Road Forest sun. Solvable nectar tea, milk Cheng Bi, Hong Tong Sai savor; Pavilion Humphreys House trail, green lined Huai hometown knowledge. Liu came to the Huai,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this ought be a sense of students quit the country; source tree, still moving home today En. Lift pass Ka Shue; shade Qunsheng. March 27, 2009 morning, two years and 4 months of Hongdong County in Shanxi Province, held the prologue etiquette Buddhist temple cum completion certification ceremony. Guangji in Hongtong Ash Park. To pat the regional wealthy cultural heritage, reproduce past immigration scenario, the group's roots as a correlate to kin culture, in April 2006, the local site in Guangji Temple, rebuilt Guangji.
Guangji magnificent newly completed cardinal building has door, peal fortress, Main Hall, the Sutra Hall, the West Third Temple, Kwun Yam Temple, Jade Buddha, Kuan Kung Temple and so aboard. People here can penetrate, establishing construction patchwork, and worship together constitute a garden park in Temple, the temple has parks, verdant and luxuriant flowers and trees, the landscape spectacular. Guangji of rehabilitation not merely to invest a playground as folk, merely too procreate the history of China's Ming Dynasty emigrants scene accustomed the mysterious civilization Hongtong.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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