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Beijing China Tours

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PostPosted: Fri 12:40, 18 Mar 2011    Post subject: Beijing China Tours


Busy the past South street, Beijing's busiest and most populous street, is also one of the cultural region, with Li Tsung-jen old family, also home to writer Yang Shuo, one of the Sam Ka Tsuen Deng Tuo, the painter Li Keran, bone health LIU Bing-dry, the huge capitalists gold million. At that time, the small streets south who met each additional, nodded. Later, after the transformation is not the old South street noise,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], earlier some old street, a little more sumptuous, but very few old folks have become, and the old old has not perished, only a small cottage courtyard not choice but to look up the high-rise, the sun has deplored breach quirk, "Vision Eye" got into the spire where.
My tall school student in Beijing, an hundred fifty-nine Middle School, the ancestor of the noted women and three in the capital. The school is located in the serene ancient Jane is a place where the Ming and Qing dictators to worship their predecessors. Fortunate in this study, we additional a another from the usual school pride. East of the White Pagoda Temple intersection, a red screen walls across the avenue is that it's "stop sign", which we jokingly cried "white Nine Dragon Wall." Red lacquer entering the gates, antique and unique picture of the outlook, such as start slowly, pulling my feet when rapid relief. Into the deep, majestic and spectacular highlights the front of the Temple Jing Chong, complicated to encircle the front of the temple stands a row of towering old trees. That year, schools in the Jing Chong Temple "after the cover housing," the place of the seat from the second ground of Yishanbangshui uncomplicated as instructing creating, I became the first to move in new, and the hall afterward gate. Thus, the joy of the hall as distribution center for students.
The early light of dawn, the house is often hard figure on stage holding a writing alternatively sitting or line, narrate the word formula; after school, the students in twos and threes leisurely amble forward the corridors of the hall, away from the books, films recess; school, the ping-pong main occasional opportunities prim balls in the hall stage, joint knowledge, commonly only in Dianpang cement stage game, the right of a row of bricks when the Chu boundary creek; Twilight merged into the main hall was contoured solitary profile, dressed in exhaustion saw merry sack sides of the last students to leave full of learning. Campus in 1986 singing championship, Jing Chong Temple eventually hugged the whole school, with its all inclusive and broad mind the song - large room for modification of a hall full of notes, the students sideshow Nanjin, singing a long period in would like to close, after the setting sun to finish at each coated with sunny smiles and composition floors.
Jing Chong Temple from morning till nightfall and three years, felt the wheel of seasons. Early spring, Chun deeply migrated, auditorium renewed quiescent winter, with its matchless convergence of the semester while the students tranquility floating heart, and urged the college of the organisms and turns crow flowers and leaves as students to establish a pleasant state of idea; summer, sun, heat stroke , the sick lying smokes, cumbersome rain descended, the house eaves shutter Zhixie, flow eddy nigh the house weeks,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], hindered the campaign between classes while the youthful air, we do no 忽忽 music, eagerly at col, remove eyes and touched the hard auditorium back, adding a magnetic ... ... tempest, the sun hung, peppery and moist transpiration, we are fast in a pond of water among Hong flash rotate plans, and a colossal hall with its magnificent shadow of namely wide, cooling the heat of the young inhalation; late autumn, Tong Yang Gao Gao, Hongyan rows collateral apt the chief hall for the coordinates, vibration quill fly, away, silently praying the line spring climate in winter, to dodge tiring the south to travel, but also save the airline stamps;
winter, moonlight raw chilly, plain cold unceremoniously caged us in the noisy study-room, bored to the cause, suddenly Auspiciousness from the Heaven, the students eagerly look inward to a terse vacation, "spreading rumors", one immediate splash in the presence of a brisk round the hall with dynamic , with the atmosphere of the campus atmosphere bleached snow, winter melody interwoven song,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], apparent with the class appoint of each class the spokesperson - Snowman, then the birth, sitting front of the hall, for whether hearing attentively namely covered with snow , Haoshou Chong Chee Weng Jing-like approximately the ancient temple. In the sacred halls for us to preach Tuition FAQ's hard gardener, the more we appreciate. The most intimate adjoin with the educator of my level preceptor Wang Yulin, so behind parting his alma mater, often invited him "to mind a guest." Short stature Wang Han, Jiong face, pate breadth, head flying spirit, and his Founder, wore in civil raiment as the abbot, the Enlightenment enchant us, disciples of the early Rufo Men worldly. Wang's inculcate patience, so I favor Mu rain. Wang's English-medium super-sharp. His text peruse, Shengruhongzhong, compelled the rhythm, cadence symphony bathe away favor apex. Wang led a prod in a haystack when we dare exam reiterate effort is surprising, he summarized the opener sentences, phrases repeatedly buffet the examination test centers, word of jaws in the school conveyance.
In the past I must learn English traveled lonely on the road a camel scavengers, under the tutelage of Wang Wang afterward, I like being on the foot of the winding watches, tirelessly ticking ahead the tumble, English scores Zhimakaihua steadily high, and students conversation in English often accidentally "slits." Thus confident to steer always subjects increase. In counting to focused studies, Wang is also the adore and a standing ovation life appearance the classroom. In 1986 he made detail arrangements for New Year's party I did not forget the earth. Suimu the occasion, Wang painstakingly set the school merely go to the classroom audio equipment. Microphones, speakers, amplifier ... ... these variety of arrogant of the iron male, now set off depression in the compelled Linkao the shadow of the joy of the guide. Wang and English to a "two to eat" and "Edelweiss" beginning, touching ears moist low voice roaming the floor, eyes closed as if carrying the memoranda of the snow streaming wind. Subsequently, the microphone has convert always to pursue the target, even the most introverted students, tin not aid but half-hearted teasing the microphone aboard the table. Students of nice dart to the podium for the stage, head wagging, he imitated the eighties of last century the first musician to perform the body, but also rushed down the "stage" with the front sensational "crowd" handshake.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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